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It’s meeeeeellllllttiing

March 15th, 2015 arlark18

It’s spring, readers! Finally, finally spring. The snow’s melting and everything is completely flooded, but I couldn’t be happier. Warm weather is my favorite thing ever.

Midterms just ended- thank god- and I’m starting new units in everything. Tomorrow in class I’ll be getting assigned new essays and such. Yayyyyyy. I’m just excited for all the Easter food that HC will inevitably have. Like, you just know that we’ll be having awesome frosted sugar cookies. It’s a staple, am I right?

So, you all know that I applied to the Summer Mellon research program. Unfortunately, I was not accepted; I didn’t have enough background in the topic, I was told, but I was encouraged to apply next year once I’ve taken more classes. While I’m honestly a little skeptical as to why they would let freshman apply if they rejected all of us because we haven’t taken enough classes, I’ll probably apply again next year and hope that two more semesters is what they’re looking for. It’s such a good opportunity to do research, and I hope that next year has a happier ending.

I’ve also started writing for the school newspaper! You can check out our website, which can be found through HC’s website, and see if my articles have been posted yet. I’ve been writing for the satire section, the Shillelagh, so it’ll be a fun time, I promise.

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