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Why does bad weather happen to good people?

November 18th, 2014 arlark18

Oh, wait, it’s because we chose to come to the Northeast. Why can’t we relocate to the Bahamas again? Someone needs to start working on a teleporter. (Cough cough, I’m looking at you, dear reader.)

So the weather here is rainy and cold, and while I’m normally a fan of both rainy and cold weather, I like bright, clear cold days in November a lot more. I just hope it’s cleared up by Thanksgiving, otherwise my family’s annual cannon-shooting (don’t ask) will be a lot less fun.

In the days since I last posted, not too much has happened– I had a Latin exam (boring!), a 10 page paper to start planning (annoying and boring) and there was carrot cake in Kimball last night (not at all boring). Seriously readers, this carrot cake. It’s AMAZING.

Part of the reason why I’m in such a complain-y mood tonight is because HC’s professors have assigned all the major work due before finals. The home stretch of essays, if you want to go for the sports metaphors. So I have three essays assigned right now, two of which have to be 10 pages each– and yes, I’m sure some of you at home reading this are thinking “Ali that’s like nothing, stop whining!” But I’m lazy. So shush.

In any case, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if HC does anything well it’s New England fall food. (Did I ever tell you all about the caramel apples? And pumpkin cupcakes for Halloween?) So I’m looking forward to what Kimball puts out. But obviously it’s not about that, it’s about what you’re thankful for– so remember to tell all those people you love that you’re happy they’re here. Don’t worry, I’ll go whisper sweet nothings to the cupcakes in your stead.

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